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Swindale Beck, above Knock

This Swindale Beck rises at 700m at Swindale Head (NY724293) between Dufton Fell and Great Dun Fell in Westmoreland and flows down  for 3.5 km to join Sink Beck at 300m near Knock Pike to form Howe Cauldron and then Knock Gill.

Swindale Beck, near Knock

The lower reaches of Swindale Beck.

The Pennine Way follows the left bank of Swindale Beck on its way up to Knock Old Man and thence to Great Dun Fell.

As with the Swindale near Hilton and the two leading into Weasdale, there is no sign, nor likelihood, of human habitation, though the area of Howe Cauldron could have been a shieling.

Howe Cauldron and the side of Knock Pike, looking south to the Eden valley

I think this is the East Swindale or Esterswinsdale mentioned below, but if it is East Swindale then where is West Swindale - Shap?

From: Notes and Queries 1890?  p327 By William John Thomas, Doran (John), Henry Frederick Turle, Joseph Knight, Vernon Horace Rendall, Florence Hayllar

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Swindale origins