Family History Notebook

Anne Kellsey 1581-1593
Ann Kelsay 1610-?
Ann Kelsye 1618-?
Anne Kelsey 1644 -?
Anne Kelsey 1763-?
Ann Kelsey 1776-1851
Edmund Kelsey 1620-1620
Edward Kelsey 1605-?
Edward Kelsey c1739-1823
Edward Kelsey 1799-1800
Edward Kelsey 1803-1849
Edward Kelsey 1805-1899
Edward Kelsey 1827-1901
Edward Kelsey 1828 - 1903
Eleanor Kelsey 1823-1861
Elizabeth Kellsey 1561-?
Elizabeth (Kelseye) - 1625
Elizabeth Kellsey 1603-?
Elizabeth Kelsy 1618-?
Elizabeth Kelsey 1781-?
Ellen Maria Kelsey 1832-1884
Fanny Kelsey 1836-1888
Francis Kelsey 1621-?
George Kelsey 1593-1627
Henry Kelsy 1615-?
Henry Kelsey 1742-1827
Henry Kelsey 1825-1897
Henry Kelsey 1830-1912
Henry Kelsey 1832-1916
James Kelsey 1600-1677
James Kelsey 1643-1652
James Kelsey 1652-?
James Kelsey 1654-?
James Kelsey married 1672
Jeane Kelsey 1646-?
John Kelsey cc1560-1623
John Kelsey 1592-?
John Kelsay 1612-?
John Kelsey 1630-1696
John Kelsey 1649-?
John Kelse 1684-?
John Kelsey c1690-1761
John Kelsey 1705-c1762
John Kelsey 1711-1711
John Kelsey m1735-c1762
John Kelsey 1728-1779
John Kelsey 1783-1877
John Turner Kelsey c1790-1864
Katherine Kelsy 1616-1618
Katherine Kelsey 1624-?
Katherine Kellsey died 1655
Magdalene Kellsey 1558-?
Margaret Kellsey 1584-1584
Margaret Kellsey 1587-?
Margaret Kellsay 1609-?
Margaret Kelsey 1623-?
Mary Kelsay 1608-?
Mary Kelsey 1627-?
Mary Kelsey 1764-?
Mary Kelsey 1787-?
Maudelyn Kellsey 1590-1636
Richard Kelsey 1597-1623
Richard Kelsey 1661-1740
Robert Kelseye 1280-c1336
Robert Kelsey c1786-1862
Robinson Kelsey 1732-1821
Robinson Kelsey 1819-1881
Sarah Kelsey 1727-?
Sarah Kelsey c1780 - 1838
Sarah Kelsey 1778-?
Sarah Kelsey 1801-1810
Sarah Kelsey 1818-(1843?)
Sophia Kelsey 1789-?
Thomas Kelsey cc1530-c1595
Thomas Kellsey 1562-1623
Thomas Kellsey 1617-?
Thomas Kelsey 1620-1656?
Thomas Kelsey 1643-1652
Thomas Kelsey ?-1690
Thomas Kelsey 1730-?
William Kelsey 1590-1667
William Kelsey 1615-1706
William Kelsey 1621-1676
William Kelsey 1650-?
William Kelsey 1746-1830
William Kelsey 1775-1861


Index to Kelseys investigated in the course of my researches.

Daniel Butler (1775-1828) married Sarah Kelsey, a daughter of William Kelsey (1746-1830), a farmer at Gatwick, Charlwood, Surrey, the current site of Gatwick Airport.

Their son Daniel Butler (1800-1853) married Jane Dives, whose sister Louisa married Edward Kelsey, Sarah's cousin, second son of William's brother Henry Kelsey (1742 - 1827) of Burstow Park, Surrey, just two miles west of Gatwick. Edward Kelsey farmed Court Lodge - just north of the current site of Gatwick Airport.

Kelsey country!


The name is generally accepted to have originated in (North and South) Kelsey in Lincolnshire and is certainly well established in Lincolnshire by the sixteenth century (though not in the parishes of North Kelsey and South Kelsey themselves).

North American interest focuses on the descendants of William Kelsey of Braintree (Essex) who emigrated to America in 1632. He was son of George Kelsey Jr. and Elizabeth Hammond and had 2 brothers: John and Henry.  It is suggested in that George Kelsey was born in 1572 in Thorpe, Surrey (2m west of Staines).  has some thoughts on spurious and real origins of Kelsey.

Certainly the Keleseye family were well established in London in the early fourteenth century (Robert Kelsey) and Kelseys persist in London (along with every other English surname) from the 16th century onwards.

At the same period they can be found as far apart as Devon and Roxburgh in the Scottish borders.

The branch of the Kelseys in which I am interested starts (probably!) with Thomas Kelsey (c1530-c1595)  in Shere, Surrey via a fork off to Cuckfield in Sussex (John Kelsey c1690-1761) and then to the Lingfield and Crowhurst area in south-eastern Surrey. They were successful yeoman farmers with younger sons often becoming millers or brewers.

Obviously not all were successful, for example Richard Kelsey (1661-1740) - a 'very poor man' according to the parish registers.

Miscellaneous references

1348 Devon Adam de Kelleseye

1348 Roxburgh Edward de Kelleseye

William de Kelleseye 1 Edward III Clerk of Works at the Palace and Tower

Giles de Kelleseye 1365.