Family History Notebook

Anna Maria Hubertine Mähler 1882-1891
Anthon Friedrich Franz Mähler 1810-1890
Anthony Joseph Medard Mähler c1844-1914
Anton Friedrich Elimar Mähler 1868 - ?
Anthony Frederick George Mähler 1873-1940
Anthony Herman Paul Mahler 1910-1987Maria Augusta Ferdinanda Maria Mähler 1858-1928
Auguste Mahler c1850-?
Augusta Cornelia Marie Rosalie Mähler c1912-1990
Bernhard Franz Jakob Mähler 1729 - 1803
Caroline Emelie Antonette Mahler c1868 - ?
Catharina Margaretha Mähler cc1715 - ?
Conrad Mahler 1836-1897
Elise Marie Antionette Mähler 1883 - 1965
Elizabeth Theodore Anna Mähler 1850 - ?
Emelie Mähler 1813 - ?
Eveline Marie Beatrice Mahler 1886-1983
Franciska Augusta Marie Mähler 1872 - ?
Franceska Mary Eleanor Mähler 1879 - 1972
Frederick Augustus Mahler cc1840-?
Frederika Elisabeth Mähler 1852-?
Heinrich Albert Johan Mahler 1863 - 1934
Hermann Werner Mähler 1784-?
Hermann Heinrich Franz Mähler 1824-1899
Hermina Theresa Maria Mähler 1855-?
Hermina Pauline Auguste Mähler cc1880-?
Hubert Frederick Joseph Mähler 1881-?
Johann Caspar Theodor Mähler 1876-?
Louis Frederick Alfred Mahler 1881-1918
Madeline Marie Christina Mahler 1880-1891
Maria Charlotte Agnes Mähler 1790 - 1824
Maria Christina Agnes Mähler 1846-1846
Marie Louise Juliana Mähler 1912 - ?
Werner Ludwig Adolph Julius Mahler 1842-1889
Werner Louis Frederik Mähler 1848-1932
Werner Hermann Johan Mähler 1861-1947
Winifred Mähler 1884 - 1886

Anna Maria Christina Sprenger 1816-1892


Index to Mahlers investigated in the course of my researches. (31 Jan 2021)

The family can be traced back to Bernhard Franz Jakob Mähler, son of Johan Franz Mähler and An Catharine [Wempe?], born on the 11th of November 1727 in Damme, Oldenburg Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Germany. At least two sons of Hermann Werner Mähler (1784-1864) migrated from there to Zutphen, Holland and two grandsons from there to England. The family was Roman Catholic.

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Mahler Name Meaning
German (also Mähler) and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a painter, especially a painter of stained glass, from an agent derivative of German malen to paint (Middle High German malen, Old High German malon ‘to mark’, from mal ‘point’, ‘mark’).