Family History Notebook

Stephenson family of Miterdale and Eskdale

Margaret Russell has discovered a reference to a Nycholas Stephenson of Myterdale before 15111

Sir John Pennnington recorded, in his commonplace book of 1493-1511, the sale of 20 lambs to Nicholas Stephenson of Myterdalehead.

 and a Nicholas Stevynson as an Eskdale juror in 1523/242

Stephensons were tenants of Sword House in Mitredale from at least 1547 (John Steuyenson) till 1730 (James and Rebecca Stephenson).

There are other Stephensons in the same area who may or may not be closely related. There is also a strong Cockermouth connection (Humfrey Stevenson)

Stevenson family tree


1    The Family Forest p53 (Ms D/Pen/200)

2    The Family Forest p54 (D/Lec/299)

Miscellaneous parish register entries not yet fitted in

1    Entries in St Catherine's Registers

Joane Stephenson buried 17th May 1685 - all at St Catherine's

William son of Edward Stephenson of Wasdalehead baptised 25th August 1684

Betttras daughter of Edward Stevenson baptised 9th Feb 1687

1814 Dec 29 Thomas Stephenson, s.o. William & Elizabeth of Longrigreen
1846 Jun 28 Margret, d.o. Joseph & Mary of Birkerthwaite
1848 Nov 09 Ann, ditto

1684 Jan ?2    Joan Stophnson / Edward Pearson
1730 Dec 31    Edward Tyson & Jane Stephenson of Low Pyatnest
1797 Nov 21    Ann Stephenson of Eskdale / James Dawson of Ulpha
1804 Jun 17    Nicholas Stephenson of Upha / Peggy Rogers of Eskdale
1831 Jan 10     Elizabeth Stephenson of Eskdale / John Harrison a tailor botp wit George Tyson, Isaac Wilson
1841 Apr 03    Rebecca Stephenson of Grassguards, Ulpha / Nycholas Tyson a mason of Boot
1845 Nov 1    Joseph Stephenson of Crosbythwaite (Ulpha) / Mary Hartley of Birkerthwaite

2    Netherwasdale Baptisms

Stephenson entries 1844-1856 - children of John & Hannah of Greendale

Marriages 1834, 1860, 1863

Burials 1849, 1866

3    Wasdale Head Baptisms none
Marriages none

4    Irton baptisms - entered

5 Muncaster - entered