Family History Notebook

Viccars, Vicars, Vickars of Eskdale

Viccars in the 1578 Percy Survey

Henry Vicars [Wha House 1587, probably Low Wha House- later Bleabeck]-  (together with his brother Robert Vicars): 4/- [marginal note "4/- of this is imposed on the Mill now in the possession of Mr Stanley"], moulture & walker: 4d. Total 6/10 yearly

Robert Vicars [High? Wha House 1587] (with his brother Henry Vicars)  "4/- of this is also on the mill in the possession of the said Mr Stanley"], moulture & walker: 4d. Total 6/6 yearly

William Vicars jnr [part of Taw House 1587]-  (with W. Vickers snr),

William Vicars snr [part of Taw House 1587]- (with Wm. Vicars jnr)

John Vicars [almost certainly Birdhow]-  also 1/4 share of Greencove common:

Viccars in the 1633 General Fine (with some later annotations, eg "Jo[hn]: his sonne [admitted] Mi[chaelmas 16]46" and other tenants at the same farm)

20 Wm. Tyson   [Christ Cliff]
21 Jo: Viccars   [Christ Cliff]
23 Jo: Viccars   [Peel Place]
24 Tho: Viccars 2f Jo: his sonne Mi 46 [Peel Place]
25 Margart & Agn her mother
Wm. Viccars
Wm: Tison La: 52
Rich his sonne M: 57
[Dawson Place]
26 Geo: Hale Hen: Hale Mic 35 f 2 . 05 . 0 [Dawson Place]
27 Tho: his sonne
Tho: Wilson           }

Hen: Wilson Mi 37
[Part Wha House]
  Edw: Stanley Esq   }
Jo: his son  La: 48
Edw: his son La: 53
[fini] 5 . 0 . 0

[Part Wha House]
28 Tho: Viccars   [Part High Wha House]
  Edw: Stanley
Jo: his son La: 48
Edw: his son La: 53
  [Part High Wha House]
29 Jo: Viccars   [Part Taw House]
30 [Chxer] Viccars
Jenet his daughter wife
of Jo Dickinson  Mi: 47
  [Bird How]
31 Wm: [---] Viccars   [Part Taw House]

My main family connection seems to link into the Vickars of Taythes, specifically Willam Vickars of Taythes, died 1661. I m sure I will find others, especially as I investigate the distaff lines. Please contact me if you are interested in early 17th century Viccars. I should note that, in general, "I know nothink that isn't already on the site"!