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Swindell, Swindells, Swindall, Swindle, Swindale

Swyndell, Swyndle, Swindal, Swindel

Origin of the Name

The Swindell surname almost certainly originated near Stockport, England (Swindelves) and from there spread out ('ramified') across England and from there to the United States of America and the Commonwealth. In the USA European emigrants and slaves of African origin have contributed other origins to the name. More ...

The spelling of the name

My researches have shown that the spelling of the name prior to the middle of the 19th century is almost entirely a matter of local expectation and the preference of the parish clerk.

For convenience I use 'Swindell' to refer to all the variants listed above - unless I specifically use another variant.


I treat Swinden, Swinney, Swindler, Swindley, Swondel, Swandel as distinctly different surnames from Swindell though there is a possibility that on occasion they have been deviants (errors) that became established as variants. See Variants and Deviants for further discussion.

Guild of One Name Studies

I have researched the surname in England for more than 20 years, including many, many individuals not known to be related to myself. In 2013 I decided to register my interest in the Swindell Surname with the Guild of One Name Studies.

I am looking for colleagues to collaborate with me in areas outside the British Isles to contribute their skills in research in countries outside the British Isles.

Until the present (2013) I have avoided the use of databases since they do not satisfactorily handle ''probablistic' or 'fuzzy' relationships (i.e. 'probably' or'possibly' or 'maybe') and hate dual relationships (e.g. claiming two different individuals as possibly being their father!)  However I have now decided to create a database of genealogical 'facts'. But beware, it is a wise man who knows his own father!

Frequency / Distribution

 There were perhaps 16 to 17 thousand individuals named Swindell (or similar) at the end of the 20th century. Two thirds of these were in the United States of America as a result of immigration from England, the naming of slaves after their owner and immigration from Europe, followed by anglicisation of continentatal names. The  majority of the remainder were in the north-west of England where the name had originated. Others were the decendants of immigrants to the Commonwealth. More ....

Coat of Arms ?

It is almost certain that there are no genuine coats of arms for the Swindells - despite what various websites which would like you to believe.

Family Coat of Arms?- Forget it!

The 'House of Arms'  states 'First found in Cheshire where they were anciently seated as Lords of the Manor near Cheadle'?

Unlikely!  The 'ancient' Swindells in Cheshire were peasant farmers, yeomen at best, and never entitled to a coat of arms. Swindelves was part of the manor of Bosden held by the de Honefort or Honford family c.1235.

I have not yet found a Swindell in England who even claimed an Armorial Bearing.

Famous Swindells

Swindells may have acquired local fame but true global fame eluded them until the twin Evers-Swindell sisters of New Zealand gained international glory with their rowing prowess.  More ....