Family History Notebook

The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland 
Oxford University Press, published 2016
 Patrick Hanks and Richard Coates


English: see Swindell


English: see Swindell


Variants: Swindle, Swindale, Swindall

1    English: see Swindells
2    English: locative name from one or more places named with Old Scandinvian svin, Old English Swin 'Swine, pig' + Old Scandinavian dalr, Old English dael 'valley', including Swindale in Shap Rural (Westm). Some of the early bearers may belong with (1).
Early bearers: Agnes Swindale, 1584 in IGI (Theddlethorpe St Helen, Lincs); Margaret Swindale, 1587 in IGI (Baslow, Derbys); Ane Swindall, 1594 in IGI (Langton by Wragby, Lincs).
References: Place-Names of Westm 2, p.171


Variants: Swindles, Swindels, Swindell, Swindley

English: locative name from Swindells Orchard in Cheadle (Cheshire), recorded as Swindelues in 1368, Swindelfs in 1519 and Swyndells in 1563.
Early bearers: Agnes Swyndles, 1562 in IGI (Prestbury, Cheshire); Agnes Swyndles, 1575, Katheren Swyndels, 1577 in IGI (Macclesfield, Cheshire); Anna Swyndley, 1665 in IGI (Waverton, Cheshire).
References: Place-Names of Cheshire 1, p.256


English: see Swindells


1    English: see Swindells
2    English, Scottish: see Swinley


English: see Swindells