Family History Notebook

Clara Jane Swindale

Daughter of Joseph Swindale and Mary Jane Gregg , born on the 15th of November 1878 in Haverigg, Cumberland, baptised on the 9th of November 1900 in St John's, Bootle, Lancashire 1

Married  (Edward) Owen Roberts (died 7/7/59 in Liverpool) on the 9th of August 1908 in St Matthew's, Bootle (Liverpool)


Beryl Millicent, born 19091910 (died 1916)
Enid Elizabeth, born on the 21st of October 1912 in Liverpool
Edward Thorold Swindale, born on the 8th of April 1919 in Liverpool

Lived at 28 Norma Road, Waterloo, Liverpool 22

Died on the 29th of December 1953 in Crosby, Liverpool 1

PersonID 05650


1    Information from Joan Shrewsbury

2    Margaret Swindale thought that Owen Roberts worked on the docks in Liverpool on a job that involved some sort of checking of goods.

3    Joan Shrewsbury recalls that her mother, Lily, told her that she was bridesmaid at Clara's wedding but went to the wrong church! A frantic rush ensued.

4    The year of birth in the 1939 register must be wrong since the BMD index register gives 1878. However Clara gives her year of birth as 1880 at the time of her baptism in 1900.


a)    1881 UK census    Living with her parents in in Main Street, Millom
        1891 UK census    Living with her parents at at 5, Main Street, Haverigg, Millom
        1900 Oct 31            Living at 66 Beatrice Terrace, Bootle, Lancashire at the time of her adult baptism, a clerk.
        1901 UK census    Boarding in Bootle, Liverpool - an office clerk.
        1911 UK census    Not found
        1939 Register        Clara J Roberts, born 15 Nov 1879, and Edward O. Roberts, born 1 June 1881, a shipping clerk, are living at 26 Norma Road, Crosby, Lancashire.

b)    The birth of Clara Jane Swindale, mother's maiden name Gregg, was registered in the fourth quarter of 1878 in the Bootle district (FreeBMD / GRO 10b 645)

        The marriage of Clara Jane Swindale and Edward Owen Roberts was registered in the third quarter of 1908 in the West Derby district (FreeBMD 8b 488)

        The death of Clara J Roberts aged 72 was registered in the fourth quarter of 1953 in the Crosby district (FreeBMD 10c 98)

x)    The birth of Beryl Millicent Roberts, mother's maiden name Swindale, was registered in the second quarter of 1910 in the Ormskirk district (GRO 8b 856)
    Buried aged 6 on the 1st of August 1916 at Walton Park, Lancashire