Family History Notebook

Humfrey Swyndles
 of Tytherington

Ancestry unknown. Assume born 1500 - 15203

Married ? 5


Jasper, assumed born very approximately 15351
Humfrey, assumed born very approximately 15401
Agnes, (assumed born c.1540) married 1562 in Prestbury, Cheshire1
Ellen, (assumed born c.1540) married 1564 in Prestbury, Cheshire1
John, assumed born very approximately 15401
William, assumed born very approximately 15551 , married 15872 in Prestbury

Married Isabell Woorth on the 8th of October 1561 in Prestbury, Cheshire. 5


Philip, baptised on the 18th of February 1564/5 in Prestbury, Cheshire from Titerington1

Died 22nd October 15801, buried 22nd November 1580 Macclesfield, Cheshire

PersonID 01258

From his will a farmer and a weaver - he left looms to his sons Humfrey, John and William (but not Phillip)


1    Made will on the 20th of June 1579. Inventory dated 22nd November 1580.  Children marked 1 are named in the will.

2    Three other Swindell daughters were married from Tytherington
            Margaret (married Shrigley 1586)
            Ann (married Etchoes 1594)
            Katherine (married Oldenfielde 1596)
but are probably daughters of Humphrey or possibly of Jasper.

In Margerie Swindell's will of 1599 she names her three daughters (Katheren, Annie and Margret) and son Thomas. If Margarie were Jasper's wife then Thomas is their eldest son and Humphrey presumably died between 1579 and 1599. However it is more likely that Margerie is the wife (widow) of Humfrey Swindells (1540-1588).

3    The birth dates of Jasper's children push his father's birth earlier since Jasper is unlikely to have married before the age of 25, and his father the same, giving a Humfrey a likely birthdate of 1500-1520.

4    Humfrey Swyndles is mentioned in a petition of 1553 to the Court of the Star Chamber in Edward VI's reign (Court of Star Chamber: Proceedings, Edward VI STAC 3/3/44) which I have transcribed. It seems very likely that this is the Humfrey Swyndles who lists Jasper Worth as his landlord in his will of 1579.

Roger Shrygley (Gentleman) and his son Thomas had been granted a 21 year tenancy of three mills in the Forest of Macclesfield - Walley, Patteshrygley and Rannew - on the 17th of October 1546 by the King's councillors in the County Palatinate of Chester, paying 35 shillings for the privilege, plus 5 shillings twice yearly at Easter and Michaelmas. Jasper Worth (Gentleman), supported by Humfrey Swyndles the elder, William Grene, Hugh Bageley, and Thomas Meller, broke into the mill at Rainow and evicted the Shrygleys on the 23rd of February 1548. Roger Shrygley attempted to regain possession two days later but was again opposed by Jasper Worth, this time supported by a larger group of sixteen men now also including Robert Taylor, Raynold Mekyn the elder, Humfrey Swyndles son of James Swyndles, Reynold Mekyn the younger, Thomas Shrygley of the Hurst and Thomas Shrygley son of Geffrey Shrygley. Roger Shrygley was knocked to the ground and injured.

Roger Shrygley asks that Jasper Worth and the others should have to answer personally before the Court of the Star Chamber in Westminster and suffer suitable punishment.

The outcome of the case is not known. Humfrey Swyndles, at least, was a tenant of Jasper Worth and it may be assumed that most, if not all, of the remainder of Jasper Worth's supporters were also his tenants. In support of his peaceful nature Roger Shrygley does not mention having any supporters when he attempted to regain possession of Rainow Mill but it seems unlikely that Jasper gathered a group of 16 men to resist just Roger. Jasper Worth as the Lord of the Manor of Tytherington presumably felt that he had rights to the mill at Rainow which were being infringed by the tenancy granted to Roger Shrygley.

Jasper Worth was probably Jasper Worth, esq, of Tiderington died 1572, married Alice, (daughter of sir Philip Draycote of Painsley [co. Staff.] died [at Bache Hall] March 11 1596, buried at Prestbury). (Ormerod "The History of the County Palatine and City of Chester - Macclesfied Hundred" first published 1819, reprinted with additions by Thomas Helsby in 1882, republished in 1980 by EJ Morten, booksellers, ISBN 0859720403  p701). There is a memorial to him in the south wall of the chantry chapel of St Nicholas in Prestbury Church. (Prestbury parish registers)

Note that Humfrey Swyndles the elder is reported as involved in the first incident and Humfrey Swyndles the elder and Humfrey Swyndles son of James Swyndles in the second incident.

5    Humfrey in his will asks to be buried next to his deceased wife. I feel she might be the mother of his children.

6    This is the marriage of Humfrey of Titherington. Humfrey's second wife Isabell is named in his will. Humphrey's will mentions a legacy from Jasper Worth his late landlord. It remains possible that this is the marriage of one of the other Humfreys.

7    Humfrey leaves a number of small legacies of 3s 4d to grandchildren and also to Ellen Oldefelde, Jone Scolfield, Margearye Johnson, and the children of Robert Pimlotte. Ellen at least was a Swyndel and I suspect Jone, Margery and the wife of Robert Pimlotte were also his daughters - or possibly god-children?

A Robert Pymelotte married Elizabeth Worthe on the 12th of October 1572 at Prestbury
A Joane Scholfield was baptised on the 13th of February 1572 in Mottram in Longdendale

8    The wife of a Homfray Swindells of Bollington was buried at Prestbury on the 1st of September 1564.  However this cannot be Isabell, who is mentioned in her husband's will of 1579.



IN the name &c. 18 February 1572 [1572-3] I Jasper Worthe
of Tydrington in the parish of Prestburie esquier &c. My
bodie to be buryed in St. Nicholas Chappell within Prestburie
churche I wyll that Thomas Jaxon Humfrey Swyndels John Bar-
bor of Poole and John Barbor of Colde Harber shalbe the praysers
of all my goodf and catalles who for their paynes shall have everye
one ten shilling^ To Ales my wife threscore poundes To Philippe
Worthe my sonne and heire twentie pound To Edwarde W. my
younger sonne twentye poundes To ffrauncf W. my youngest sonne
twentie poundf To Jone my bastarde doughter twentye pound C
To my nese Margarette Draycote doughter of George Draycote sex
poundes over and besydes fourtene poundf which I owe unto the

1 Proved 15th March, 1572-3. Jasper son of Sewall Worth of Titherington Esq.
by Isabell daughter of John Sutton of Sutton married Alice daughter of Sir Philip
Draycott of Painsley and had issue Philip, who married Margaret daughter of Roger
Downes of Shrigley Esq., Edward, Richard and Francis. Ormerod, vol. iii. p. 350.

said Margarette To Thomasyn Johnson and Margarette Andrewe
my wiffes maydes eyther of them twentie shilling^- It is my will
that the saide Edwarde W. and ffrancf W. my sonnes shalbe truly
payed eyther of theim foure markes yearely duringe their lyves ac-
cordynge as I have all readye appoynted by two my severall deecles
All the rest of my goodes &c. shalbe equally devided betweene Ales
my wife and Philippe Worthe my sonne and heire whoe I make my
executor These beyinge witnesses Edmunde Newsom clerke vicar
of Prestburie &c.