Family History Notebook

John Swyndell
of Buxton

Ancestry untraced. Court cases 1515, 1524 so assume born very approximately 1480.





Person ID 02917


0    Text in red represents information obtained from the internet (family trees etc) which I have not yet confirmed.

1    Ats.
in practice, is an abbreviation for the words "at suit of," and isused when the defendant files any pleadings; for example: when thedefendant enters a plea he puts his name before that of the plaintiff,reversing the order in which they are on the record. C.D.(thedefendant,) ats A.B. (the plaintiff.)

1    Large parts of Derbyshire fell under the jurisdiction of the Duchy of Lancaster.  I haven't found a convenient summary.

2    See also James Swindell and Edward Swyndells


John Pym Yeatman: The Feudal History of the County of Derby Vol III Section 6
(Re-transcribed into computer format by Robert P Marchington.2004 )

These commence in the 17th Regnal Year of Henry VI (1439) and continue until the 22nd Year of Henry VIII (1531). They are not complete

p396    5th Dec in the 7th Year of Henry VIII [1515]:    Jas. Swindell ats Agnes Aideshed
p400   19th August 9th Year of Henry VIII [1517]:        James Swindel of Stadon, fined with Alex. Browne

p397    6th Aug in the 7th Year of Henry VIII [1515]:     John Swyndell v. Nich. Creswell.
p400    18th March 8th year of Henry VIII [1516/17]:    Jo. Torre of Buxton v. Jo. Swyndel.

p411   [1524] Fayrefield. John Carte, Jo. Hybarte, Frank pledge, present, Rich. Gudhine, Jo. Swaun, Wm. and Edward Nctham, Jo. Swyndell, Jo. Coterill.