Family History Notebook

William Swyndell
of Nottingham

Ancestry untraced





PersonID 00739


Nottingham [Forinsec pleas held] on Thur after the feast of the assumption of the BVM in the above year [19 Aug 1434].

"....... in his own person complains of William Swyndell of Nottingham. Plea: trespass against the king's peace.   ..... on Sat before Whitsun 12 Henry VI [15 May 1434] with force and arms (staff) took and led away .... of John's goods. ..... Damages: 26s8d He produces suit. William in his own [person comes and says he is not guilty.] Inq.


238 [INQ] ... [John Wheteley] in his own person complains of William Swyndells <2+>. Plea: detinue of a horse. John says that ... Ascension 12 Henry VI [c 6 May 1434] delivered in safe and secure custody to William Swyndells a [horse], to be restored when required. John Wheteley on Wed after ... to restore the horse
to him; [he restored nothing] but refused to restore and still refuses. Damages: 40s. ... William in his own person comes and defends the force and seeks judgement concerning the count. ... that he says he should have delivered when he ought to have said he delivered. This is inconsistent (incongruum est). He seeks ... by any allegation from his action he ought not to be barred as he says that the count is ... not intended ... default to reply. Judgement.45